There are different factors you actually need to consider while looking for some good face shape hairstyles for you. The very first thing you should know when selecting the perfect hairstyle is your face shape. While your hairstylist is a person who can make a big difference when it comes to help you find out what face shape you have and will do you hair in the best way, that flatters your natural beauty, the important information below will surely help give you some first tips that you should take into account before your visit to a barber or stylist. Well, now, let’s quickly run through the face shapes and, of course, the adjustments that you are going to make with your haircut in order to gain some balance and improve your look.

A square face-With a square face, you are recommended to wear the top longer that the sides and it should be styled a little bit higher. Simultaneously, the sides must be leaner and short as well. And, the hairdo should mirror the shape of the face, so keep your hair clean and beautiful.

A long face-For all those who have a long face is good to wear a style that has longer sides and shorter top. Of course, you can have a haircut with layers as well asa disguised front hairline. Male category can generally prefer to go with a neat beard that will provide them with some more balance, but be careful not to let your facial hair grow too long since it will instantly make your face even longer. Glasses are also another way of dividing face and taking the focus off the length.

A round face: Full and round hairdos -As a matter of fact, it has been seen that this style is definitely not your choice, as it’ll add even more roundness to your face. The main thing is that if the sides are leaner, and the hair is higher at the top and front as well, you will surely get more balance. Square hairstyles beautifully match round faces. Of course, in order to get rid of the roundness you can experiment with waves or an off-center part.

An oval face-It is good news for you if you have this type of shape, as it is often called an ideal shape. Well, you have got the whole variety of choices, as almost every hairstyle will suit you. Here it is really wise for you to pay more attention to the other face features the position of the eyes or nose shape.

A diamond face- your primary objective is to balance wide cheekbones as well as narrow chin and forehead. Bangs and long shagface shape hairstyles will help you to do that.

In general, it is really difficult for you to determine your own face shape yourself. And, you might get everything wrong and go with a terrible hairdo. So, it is advisable to consult your barber or stylist who will definitely help you pick a hairstyle that will make you look great.

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